Jacking the Car Safely and Definitely

This tool does not get much attention even though it has functions and uses that are no less important. It can be used when washing cars, cleaning under, or just changing tires. But its use cannot be arbitrary. If you operate it incorrectly, it can be fatal. For example, when you change a tire due to a leak, the vehicle slides because the jack is in the wrong position when the vehicle is lifted. In order not to make a mistake when jacking up the car, especially in an emergency such as the condition of having to change tires while traveling, here are simple tips for mobile tyre fitting essex that you can do.

The first thing to do is park the vehicle in a flat and hard area. Install the handbrake. If necessary, blocks or stones can also be used to prop up the tires on each side so they don’t move. Then position the car jack at the predetermined jack point as described in the manual book. Car chassis construction generally uses a monocoque type, such as Peugeot cars where this car manufacturer has determined 4 points as a safe jack pedestal on the chassis. Also on Peugeot, usually there is a sticker prohibiting the component area which is not recommended as a fulcrum when jacking up. For example in the area of ????the house as the rear axle. For cars that have a fulcrum on the body panel rocker, it is usually located on the side under the side skirt. This fulcrum is also given a special mark for easy locating.

Regarding the exact position, if you want to jack up the front wheel, usually the fulcrum is located behind the front tire. In contrast to the rear tires, the location of the fulcrum is usually located in front of the rear tires. So when the front jack is recommended to rely on the strongest chassis bone or wheel axle as the fulcrum. As for the rear wheels, it is recommended to use the rear axle as the fulcrum. Determining the fulcrum in this section is indeed much more difficult than in the body panel rocker. Therefore, car owners must be more careful and more careful in determining the fulcrum. And if the fulcrum has been determined, tires that are not lifted must be supported so that the car does not move.

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