It Turns Out That These 5 Small Ways Can Save The Earth From Damage

Data from the World Meteorological Organization states that in 1990 and 2014, global warming increased by 36 percent. Not intended to frighten, but if these conditions are allowed, then the earth may sink due to an increase in earth temperature which results in rising sea level due to the melting of polar icebergs. There are many ways that our generation can do to save this earth. The following is a review from regarding simple ways you can do it at home to save your beloved earth.

  1. Use cloth napkins instead of tissues

Starting with deforestation to produce pulp (pulp), soil erosion due to deforestation, the release of carbon gas due to forest loss, which has an impact on increasing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere which causes the earth’s temperature to rise. Even the pulp-making industrial waste contains toxins that can harm human health and the environment.

  1. Recycle leftover soap

Small pieces of leftover bar soap can be used to make new soap. To do this, put the remaining pieces of soap into the can or container until they collect a lot. After that, grate the soap pieces and place them in a pan and mix with a spoonful of water, then heat over low heat. You can also add fragrance to the soap grater.

  1. Perform energy-friendly egg-boiling techniques

The trick put the eggs in the water, then boil and turn off the heat when it starts to boil. After that, cover the pot and leave it for 10 minutes. As a result, the egg yolk will look more beautiful and you can save on gas usage for 5 minutes of use.

  1. Save paper for print outs and photocopies

You can save paper by printing it back and forth. Reuse the used paper that is still clean behind it. Use the paper to print e-mails you want to read or new faxes.

  1. Use white vinegar as a cleaning fluid

Instead of using hazardous chemical products to clean kitchens and toilets, we can make our cleaning fluids with simple and environmentally friendly ingredients. The trick just prepares to mix enough white vinegar and water. Vinegar can also be a very inexpensive and powerful disinfectant for all inhabitants of the planet.

How, very simple right? Even so, you have to be consistent to be able to apply some or all of these habits. No matter how small our contribution to protecting the earth, it can have a big impact on the next life.

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