Is Caring for a Floor a Hard Thing?

Who doesn’t use ceramic tile at home? Most homes now use ceramics. Motifs, colors, and various ingredients can attract people’s attention to use them. Of course, there are various prices. When you have ceramics, you definitely want to look clean, because with a clean and well-maintained floor it will make yourself comfortable. Cleaning the floor is actually not too much trouble, it’s just that you have to do it regularly. But unfortunately, most people have almost no time to care for the floor until unwittingly the floor turns dull and dirty. Be careful, because dirty floors will cause many diseases. For those of you who already have dirty floors and are difficult to clean, you can contact ultra brite carpet tile cleaning to help clean the floor of the house.

So that your house floor is not dirty, you should clean it routinely. It’s not difficult, just need to spend a little time:

– Sweeps the floor
Ceramic floors must be swept frequently. Why? Because of dirt sticks easily on the tile floor. Likewise with sand grains. Did you know that sand grains can cause scratches on the floor surface? Then you should often sweep the floor so that the beauty of your home floor does not fade.

– Using a highly absorbent mop
Use a clean and high absorbency mop. If the water is dirty, replace it with clean water to maintain the cleanliness of your floor. Also, avoid high acid floor cleaners. The acid content causes the ceramic layer to be easily eroded so that the ceramic looks dull.

It is, indeed, necessary to clean tiles and grout as well, different from the regular wall, they can be clean a lot easier. Products for tile and grout cleaning on the market provide great results in a practical way. Varied different brands offer products for tile grout cleaning that are designed to restore the bright color of grout. You have to choose only products that contain antifungal and anti-mold, especially for cleaning the bathrooms were always damp and mildew-susceptible overgrown.

Some people apply the carbolic acid product to wash the grout. For grout with light gray or white color, the carbolic acid which contains oxygen bleach or chlorine is really effective. If you want to use bleach, you have to apply it carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As for the Black or dark-colored gray color, they cannot be cleaned with bleach as the color will fade.

If you are hesitant to use bleach or carbolic acid products, you can mix the materials to clean the grout easily with natural whitening agents and acidic substances. The combination of baking soda powder and vinegar is effective to clean the grout.

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