Important Functions Install Dashcam In Car

Installing a car camera aka dashboard cam (dashcam) is not just a force. Its main purpose is to act as a supervisor in driving safety and security. As the name suggests, dashcam, this camera is located in the middle of the cabin. Yes, to be precise around the dashboard area. So, what are the important points of the presence of a click here that works like this home CCTV?

Dashcam Is Different from Car Parking Cameras
Please note that the dashcam and parking camera are two different features. Even if they are both in and installed in the car, they both have different tasks. Dashcam functions more towards surveillance or surveillance. While the parking camera or rear camera is useful to help you when you go back to the park. Unlike dashcam, video results from the parking camera can appear directly on the screen in the cabin.

How the Dashcam Car Camera Works
Unlike the home CCTV which can record for 24 hours, the dashcam will only function when the driver starts their car. The entire video recording process starts automatically, buying the machine has been started. In addition, there is also a dashcam that needs to be turned on manually. Even though it’s turned off, you don’t need to worry because Dashcam will immediately record events if there are strange vibrations. This is due to the G-sensor feature. The viewing angles recorded by the dashcam are specific to the interior of the car cabin.

On the other hand, there is also a dashcam that works to record activities on the outside of the car (facing front or back). Most dashcam brands are equipped with internal and external memory. The point is that the recorded video can be transferred to a laptop or other storage area. The reason is, if the memory is full, the old video will be overwritten and the new one will be deleted.

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