How To Fix AC With No Cool Air Blowing?

You probably wonder why there is no cool air blowing from your AC when the compressor works, but the outdoor fan doesn’t turn. To fix this call your trusted professional AC service in englewood, or you can take the following steps. Check the fan motor bearing, easy turning or not. To check, turn off the AC first or unplug the main electrical outlet. After that, open the outdoor shield. Turn the fan blade by hand. Watch the rotation. If the bearing is stuck or often makes a gurgling sound, you should immediately replace the fan motor bearing.

Check the condition of the outdoor fan capacitor, it is still good or damaged. If the capacitor has been damaged or worn out, replace it with a new capacitor by the specifications of the old capacitor. If the 2 steps above have been tried, maybe the last one is a problem with a part of the fan motor, such as a broken winding or burning. The solution, change it with a new motor or repair it by rewinding the windings in the fan motor. For rewinding the motor winding, it should be tried by an expert (dynamo winder).

The outdoor fan cools the condenser and speeds up the release of heat to the refrigerant. If the heat does not work optimally or turns slowly, causing the compressor to flash hot. Excessive heat (overheating) will cause an overload of the compressor motor protector, cutting off the electric current to the compressor. As a result, the compressor doesn’t work. If this condition continues, it will shorten the life of the overload motor protector and compressor itself damaged.

Another problem is the outdoor fan and compressor not working. To check it, wait a while. Generally, outdoor fans and compressors take about 3 minutes to operate when the indoor have been turned on. This is intended to protect the compressor and air conditioning system so that it is not easy. Check the thermistor and relay on the electronic PCB. If damaged, immediately replace the relay and thermistor components. Because, when these two components have a problem, electric current will not flow to the outdoor part so the compressor and outdoor fan will not work.

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