How to Clean Phone Case

Keeping your cellphone case clean during the COVID19 pandemic is as important as maintaining personal hygiene. Because the cellphone casing can also be a place for germs and bacteria to stick. In addition to preventing the attachment of viruses and bacteria, cleaning your cellphone can also be useful to make your cellphone body not easily damaged and the cellphone casing remains good to use. Because if it is rarely cleaned, the cellphone casing can turn yellowish in color. The simplest way you can do to clean the phone case is to soak it in soapy water. You do this by pouring a few drops of soap into a medium basin filled with water. After that, insert the phone case and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. If there is no improvement too, it would be better if you buy a new case on our official website. Details and more information read more here.

Using a case can also increase the temperature on the cellphone, especially if the case material used is not right or is of low quality. So if your phone heats up quickly or overheats, you should not choose a case with a material that is weak to heat or even melts or blackens when exposed to heat. And also don’t use a flip cover case, because it can inhibit heat, so the temperature of the cellphone doesn’t go down. For more info, you can read more here.

Has your cellphone got light stains like coffee or chili sauce? Use toothpaste to clean it. You do this by pouring a little toothpaste into a toothbrush, then wet the toothpaste with water and rub the phone case until the stain disappears. Toothpaste can’t get rid of the yellow color on the cellphone case, but it can remove light stains, such as coffee or tea stains, as well as scratches. So that the cellphone is not easily damaged, do not immediately attach the casing to the cellphone after cleaning. It’s a good idea to wait for about 30 minutes before using the phone case again.

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