How To Choose a Good GPS Tracker?

What is Geofencing?
Geofencing is the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network and/or local radio frequency identifiers (such as Wi-Fi nodes or Bluetooth beacons) to create virtual boundaries around a location. Geofence is then paired with a hardware/software application that responds to boundaries in certain ways as defined by program parameters.

Choosing a good GPS tracker, of course, must pay attention to various things, don’t be fooled by people who sell cheap products and are lured with advanced features. If you are not careful, the car GPS or motorcycle GPS that you buy cannot be used properly.

How to choose a good GPS tracker, for example:
1. Trusted and experienced seller.
2. Can be purchased easily in various areas, such as the GPS tracker, Semarang GPS tracker, and GPS tracker
3. Has excellent features as mentioned above.
4. Original product quality, not pirated or KW goods.
5. Have an official warranty.
6. Have a guarantee of good post-sales service

Don’t always be tempted by cheap prices, because chances are the GPS seller:
1. Using free software, such as Orange GPS Trace, which is easy to use and accessed by many types/brands of GPS, and lacks features.
2. Recondition used goods that are polished in such a way that they appear new.
3. Using hardware and software whose credibility & quality is not guaranteed so that it cannot be properly connected.
4. Only sells goods, without the help of installation or detailed arrangements.
5. The seller did not understand the detailed product information.
Cheap products are certainly not worth the quality offered. Cheap car or motorcycle GPS prices are usually also difficult to use and there is no official guide for installing because everything is completely manual.

What If the GPS Tracker Is Not Working Properly?
If the GPS can not function properly, then immediately consult with the place you made the GPS purchase. Usually, professional sellers provide official guarantees or training in using the GPS tracker for free and have a guarantee of good post-sales service

Before buying, make sure you can get these two things. This is so that the GPS tracker can be handled easily if there is damage or it does not work properly.

Can GPS Tracker Be Abused?
In very small cases, GPS tracker is abused. One example is by moving the GPS device to another vehicle without being noticed by the vehicle owner. You can also hack the system so that the vehicle cannot be tracked or the connection is cut.

However, these occurrences are extremely rare. Moreover, the current model is equipped with a sophisticated and up-to-date security system so that users don’t have to worry anymore.

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