Here Are The Advantages Of Watching Movies As A Teaching Medium

In the world of lectures, teaching is incomplete without watching movies, this is a form of teaching aid. Films are also used by teachers/lecturers/mentors/trainers as part of the visual context that is raised so that students can understand the intended purpose of learning. We want to make learning the foundation for behavior too. While in class, you can use watchseries online streaming service because it has a very complete selection of movies.

Movies to be interesting or not as a learning aid must be considered from two sides, advantages and disadvantages. Not infrequently students are invited to discuss the films they watched and then linked it to the teaching material.

The advantages of watching movies in class:

Presenting interesting learning visuals rather than lectures and theories.
As a teacher, it feels difficult without presenting visuals so that students can digest what is meant. Talking about theory, for example, about communication will not be easily understood without being practiced. Real practice can be found in the real world that is easily portrayed in the film. Therefore, the teacher must have prepared and researched what films are suitable and appropriate for the theme?

Make the classroom atmosphere more lively and active.
Having said that there will be a movie-watching session, the whole class is cheerful and excited all at once. Why? Humans are visual creatures. They like things that are easy to see and observe to learn, rather than you explaining it over and over again. As a result, the classroom atmosphere which was originally quiet and passive becomes more alive when the film is shown.

Learning tools that are fun and attract learners.
“Discuss what happened to the characters in the film!” Of course, this work instruction makes it easier for students to answer rather than asking them to discuss a social phenomenon that is only imagined. Not infrequently films are easier to remember in thought than the various theories presented to students. This certainly makes it easier to teach something rather than explaining in spoken language.

Taking additional or different sides of the learning theme.
Not everyone likes teaching both written and oral. However, movies are preferred to watch because people have a tendency to be curious and like to observe. Through films, students who are made into the audience are expected to take additional sides and certainly positive things that are not found in teaching. Why? Films provide real situations and these realities are more accepted than still written theories or oral explanations.

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