Here Are Some Jobs On Cruise Ships, Around The World And Paying Big

Every profession in the hospitality industry, especially cruise ships, is rarely empty of enthusiasts. When working on a cruise ship becomes a dream job that gives you benefits not only from a large monthly income but also adds to an international-class work experience. For rich people who are looking for Luxury Private Boat Rentals for a vacation for a few days or weeks, they can also hire the services of their workers.

Working on a cruise ship will bring you together with people with various backgrounds and skills. With this prestigious profession, working on a cruise ship can be considered a job that is not easy, even quite heavy. This can be seen from the difference in shifts and working hours. Working on a cruise ship requires you to work seven days a week, with varying working hours. It could be that you will get working hours of up to 14 hours per day, it could be more or less than that.

Even with that busy workload and hours, you certainly have time off that you can use to rest. The vacation time given varies greatly, depending on the applicable work contract. And the most important thing is that you can socialize with people from various national backgrounds and improve your foreign language skills.

Are you ready to sail? Here are some professions on cruise ships that make you want to go sailing:

Bar Waiter
This profession is under the food and beverage department on cruise ships. Their main job is to serve drinks as well as coordinate with the bar supervisor. Apart from being a fun job, this position pays quite a lot, ranging from $1800-$2800 U.S. per month, depending on the type of cruise ship. This figure does not include the tips given if your performance is satisfactory.

Room Steward
This part of the task falls under the housekeeping and accommodation department which is responsible for cleaning common areas as well as guest cabins on cruise ships. Not just responsible for cleaning the area, sometimes the cabin attendants can accept laundry if guests ask for help.

In addition to having experience, being a cabin boy is required to master English communication well. Cabin Steward or Cabin Attendant is directly responsible to the Assistant Housekeeper and Housekeeper in their daily activities.

Regarding salary, a cabin attendant can pocket $1800-$2200 U.S. per month. This position is still much needed, considering that the room is a vital part of guests on cruise ships.

Doctors and paramedics
Sailing for months in the middle of the ocean with thousands of people without a health policy system is very risky. Doctors and paramedics are urgently needed to protect guests so that there are no risky things related to health.

A doctor and medic on a cruise ship can earn $8000-$12000 per month. Although not all cruises require many medical nurses, this position is interesting for you to try.

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