Hatching Turtle Eggs Safely

Hatching eggs is an important part of breeding your pet turtle. In the method of hatching turtle eggs, you need to move the eggs from the nest into an artificial incubator to minimize the hatchlings of the turtles failing to hatch. Check out Top 5 Best Reptile Incubators – ReptileProfy to get the best one for you. To carry out the transfer of turtle eggs need to be done carefully. Moreover, these eggs are buried in a layer of soil that is quite difficult to reach. Gently dig up the turtle’s nest and use a brush to remove any layer of soil stuck between the eggs. Make sure the eggshells are not torn or cracked.

Then mark the top of the turtle egg with a pencil. This is done because moving the egg position can make the turtle embryo die and result in the failure of the turtle hatchling. Clean the remaining soil stains using a tissue or soft cloth and transfer the eggs to a container for further incubation in the incubator.

The Brazilian tortoise is one type of water turtle that is kept by many people. How to incubate the eggs of Brazilian turtles and similar can be done by the method of high humidity, according to their living habitats which are near watersheds and lakes. Some of the basic rules you can follow are as follows. Prepare a hatching container in the form of a plastic container and cover it with a lid that has been given small holes to retain moisture. In hatching containers, use a substrate (bedding) with materials in the form of moistened vermiculite, sphagnum moss, and aspen bedding to lay the turtle eggs.

Place the turtle eggs in the hatching container according to the previously marked position. Press the substrate to make a hollow so that the egg position is still and does not move easily. Place a hatching container containing eggs in an incubator that has been given a heating device, for example, a lamp to maintain temperature and another container filled with water to maintain humidity. Keep the temperature around 27-30 degrees Celsius and humidity around 80%. You can take measurements with the help of a thermometer and hygrometer.

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