Google Raises Ranks Of Articles With These 4 SEO Elements

The more you use SEO principles optimally, the higher the likelihood that the public will reach your article. There are several things that need to be considered so that you can maximize the use of SEO. Apart from that, you can go to TEC101 if you want to find more interesting news about Google.

Here are the four components that makeup SEO guidelines:

1. Quantity

Online sites with high internet traffic will have a good impact on SEO work. High internet traffic can be achieved by loading lots of article content. Therefore, multiply the articles on your online site to increase internet traffic.

2. Quality

In terms of quality, there are several elements that need attention, such as taglines, titles, keywords, article length, photo compatibility, hyperlinks, and others. Each of these elements influences the value of your article in internet search engines. If these elements are fulfilled properly, you are increasingly maximizing the use of SEO.

Keywords play an important role because keywords are typed by information seekers. Your article will be more easily achieved by the public if the keywords in the article are the same as the keywords that people use to find the topic. To find out the comparison of keywords that people often search for, you can search for it on Google Ads.

Keywords also become an important element in the title of the article. Search engines will find your article if keywords are in the title. Keywords should be placed in front so that search engines can work more optimally.

3. Consistency

Websites that consistently produce articles are preferred by search engines. Maintain your productivity by continuing to produce articles regularly. In addition to consistency in numbers, pay attention to the consistency of the quality of the article so that the reader is comfortable to linger on your website.

4. Endurance

Online sites that have been active for a long time have added value. They already have more endurance and points in the eyes of search engines. Why? The search engine believes in the credibility and competence of the online site because the old site’s track record is generally longer and more comprehensive.

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