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FXCM Is Obviously One Of The Largest Forex Brokers

FXCM Group reported Customer Trading Volume for individual customer accounts in June 2016 of US $ 275 Billion. FXCM still leads the forex industry in the world. So, if you consider forex brokers by volume, you must now that it has the largest customer trading volume of all forex brokers in the world. While Customer trading volume for customer accounts with company names was the US $ 57 Billion in June 2016, also still among some of the largest forex brokers. Apart from being a forex broker that has the largest total client trading volume in the world, FXCM is also a forex broker that has the largest total client assets in the world. Total client assets are the total funds of all clients deposited with FXCM which are used for forex trading. Aside from FXCM, you can also go to if you want to know more about other biggest forex brokers today.

A report from the CFTC as a regulator in the USA, on April 1, 2016, issued a report on total customer assets owned by the 6 biggest forex brokers in the USA, and FXCM is also still in the top rank no.1 and is included in the TOP 6 biggest forex brokers with the largest total client assets.

A lot of valid information proves that FXCM is the largest & most trusted forex broker in the world. It is proven by having the most total trading volume of customers and customer assets collected at FXCM, making FXCM a trusted forex broker for large-funded forex traders and classy fund managers who understand the security and convenience of forex trading.

Be smart to choose a forex broker that is truly credible and it has VALID evidence about the origin, achievements, and safety of the forex broker.

You must be careful. it’s because there are a lot of forex brokers who do not have clear regulations who advertise their brokerage companies with promotional words such as BIGGEST Forex Broker, and all kinds of FAKE claims that are not supported by VALID proof at all.

FXCM as one of the LARGEST FOREX BROKER and NO.1 in the WORLD is VALID, and it has strong evidence with recognition and report that are VALID.

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