From Drab to Fab: Painting & Preserving Skirting Boards in the UK

Painting might seem like a straightforward task. Dip a brush in paint, swipe it across a surface, and there you have it, right? Well, not quite, especially when it comes to those often overlooked skirting boards. With a little guidance from our friends at Skirting World, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to painting and maintaining your skirting boards, ensuring they remain the unsung heroes of your room’s decor.

1. Prepping is Paramount

Before you even pop open that paint can, ensure your skirting boards are clean. Dust, mop, or wipe them down. For those boards that have seen better days, a gentle sanding will create a smoother painting surface. Remember, a clean canvas equals a clear masterpiece.

2. Priming: The Prelude to Painting

Ever heard of paint bleeding or blotching? It’s the stuff of DIY nightmares. To avoid this, a good primer is your go-to. It ensures even paint absorption and provides a barrier, especially if you’re transitioning from a dark to a lighter shade.

3. The Main Event: Painting

For skirting boards, a semi-gloss or gloss paint works wonders. Not only does it give a refined finish, but it’s also easier to clean. When painting, use a good quality brush and take your time. Apply in smooth strokes, and always keep a wet edge to avoid visible lines. Two coats? Even better for that lush, vibrant look.

4. Maintenance Mode

Skirting boards, being at the base, can often accumulate dust. A regular dusting routine keeps them looking fresh. For those occasional scuffs or marks, a damp cloth works wonders. And if you’ve opted for that gloss paint, a gentle wipe down will have them shining in no time.

5. Avoid the Splash Zone

When cleaning floors, especially when mopping, ensure the water doesn’t splash onto the skirting boards. Excessive moisture can damage both the paint and the board itself.

6. Annual Check-ins

Once a year, give your skirting boards a thorough inspection. Look for chips in the paint or any damage. A quick touch-up now can save a repaint job later.

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