Forex Is For Everyone

One of the first modern Forex brokers to emerge due to and around these monumental US monetary reforms was the British company ‘Dusrolgraph Ltd’. The company started operations in 1965, then eight years later changed its name to ‘Monecor (London) Ltd’. The company transformed again as ‘TradIndex’ in 2002, then changed to ‘ETX Capital’ as it is known today. Many other similar companies transformed in this period of electronic Foreign Exchange trading to become more influenced by the Internet accessible to almost anyone with a connection to the world wide web. Like the recent quotex corretora.

This marks the definitive era of Forex democratization in which the market is starting to be accessible to the general public and not just a select few. Modern technology has a huge impact on financial markets by bringing them closer to our lives, including Forex. And one of the most important achievements of the Internet is the creation and accessibility of modern global Forex brokers. These companies usually have complete documents that enable them to offer global financial services to clients worldwide, which means everywhere and to everyone. They offer services and trading conditions that are very favorable and suitable for investors.

More than 1,200 brokers provide their services worldwide today. There are around 10 million individual traders around the world who use their services. More than 70% of them had no other trading experience before trying Forex. Decentralization is very important to the Forex market and has been a key attribute since its inception. Forex currently operates online without exception and covers different regions, commodities, and national currencies. Decentralization goes hand in hand with the democratization trend mentioned above.

Thanks to the decentralization and democratization of the market, we now do not have to be rich investors with abundant capital to participate in the modern Forex market. One only needs to have 100 USD or less, along with persistence and determination to trade in various commodities (including gold) with leverage.

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