Five Advantages Of Watching Movies In The Cinema

The ease of watching movies today can be done by streaming, one of which is with the services of soap 2 day, where you can watch movies for free, anywhere, anytime, without even worrying about being interrupted by advertisements.

However, even so, cinema is still the choice of many people to watch movies because it has its advantages. Aside from being a means of entertainment, watching movies in the cinema also has an impact on one’s health and emotions. The film is one of the bibliotherapy, which is one type of therapy that utilizes literature such as books or literary works to help someone overcome mental health problems they experience.

1. A pleasant outdoor viewing experience
It turns out that watching at the cinema can provide a richer experience than just watching at home. Starting from a wider screen, blaring audio, and interactions with other fellow viewers, where the combination of all these things will make you enjoy watching the process more.

2. Build empathy
Watching in the cinema will build your empathy, where the interaction that occurs indirectly with fellow viewers will help you better understand how someone’s reaction to an event. What you think is sad turns out to be normal for others. Or, funny events for people have no meaning to you at all. Even without you knowing it, this will help you understand and accept the differences.

3. The most effective means of relaxation
There is a lot of motivation for people to come to the movies and it turns out that watching movies is not the only reason. According to research, there are various motivations for people to watch in the cinema ranging from just wanting to feel the ‘crowd’, comfort to just wanting to rest in the cinema. These various reasons show that watching at the cinema is the most effective means of relaxation, regardless of the type of viewing.

4. Stimulate cognitive work
Watching in the cinema with all the facilities, interactions and experiences that were obtained turned out to also stimulate the cognitive work of the brain more actively. Your imagination is even more developed when watching outside the home alias the cinema. Besides watching at the cinema makes you have to continue to face the offerings offered, regardless of liking or not.

5. Cinematherapy to deal with depression
Watching activities in the cinema turned out to be classified as a cinema therapy approach which is one way to treat people who experience depression disorders. The combination of images, dialogue and music can be an alternative to reduce depression and stimulate relaxation. For a moment forget the problems and burdens of the mind that used to rage in the minds of people with depression.

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