Find Out How to Apply Oil and Wax to Oak Doors Here

Simply adhere to the guidelines below if your oak door hasn’t been treated yet. However, if your door has already been treated with oil in the past, it’s necessary to perform a patch test first to observe how the new oil sits and responds. This is crucial if you’re unsure of whether the oil you’re using is the same as it was previously. You can cure an oak door using the following methods when you’re satisfied with how the new oil patch test appears.

1. Make sure your door is clean and dry, then use your paintbrush to vigorously swirl your door oil before dispensing a tiny amount into your paint tray.

2. Using long, even strokes, start painting the surface of your wood door with your wide paintbrush after loading it with oil from your tray. When caring for an oak door, you should always brush against the grain of the wood.

3. After treating the entire surface, gently wipe away any remaining oil with your microfiber cloth while still going against the grain. Allow your door to dry as directed by your chosen door oil for around 4 hours.

4. Your door requires denibbing, which is the process of removing flaws in the oil finish between coats after it has dried. This should be done with your finishing pad. With care to avoid exerting excessive pressure, denib the entire surface with your pad.

5. Apply another layer of oil, continuing steps 3 to 4.

6. Turn your door over and carry out step 6 on the opposite side when the final coat has dry. Additionally, you can now oil the door’s top and sides to provide them with the best possible protection.

7. Reattach the handles, reveal any glazing, and hang the door again after the entire door has dried.

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