Fast Handling After Floods And Water Disasters

Flood or water disaster is not a small problem if it happens, such as a broken pipe so that the flow of water spills and soaks the house or washing machine that suddenly breaks down when used and makes the house dirty because of water, or even a leaky roof will be a major obstacle. especially when it rains. Extra cleaning must be done. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches will be happy to help you solve problems like this

Hiring a cleaning service may cost you a lot because of extra cleaning, such as requiring a long time and a lot of cleaning products. There are a few tips that can be done after a flood occurs:

– When the water has receded to about as high as 5cm, immediately do the cleaning, do not wait for the water to completely drain because it will cause the mud to settle so that it will be increasingly difficult to clean. Clean under the furniture too. After that, rinse the floor using clean water, you can use a hose to reach every corner of the house. Make sure there are no puddles in the house.

– Clean and dry furniture that can still be saved. Furniture that decays from being submerged by flood water for too long should be discarded and replaced rather than risking causing other problems.

– Wash doormats, curtains, tablecloths, towels, and all items made of cloth soaked in flood water. If these items can still be used, wash them first using hot water to remove germs and bacteria from flood water.

– Mop the floor as clean as possible, if necessary mop the floor several times to remove the dirty odor caused by flooding.

– Clean the walls with chlorinated cleaning fluid to prevent mold. The content of chlorine will eradicate fungal spores while killing bacteria and germs. Spray the cleaner to the wall and wipe with a clean cloth to dry.

– Open all doors and windows to help speed up the process of drying the floors and walls of the house. If possible, also turn on the fan to help improve air circulation.

– Wipe the glass and window with a solution of vinegar or glass cleaning products. This step is not a priority so you can do it the next day.

For water disaster problems, you should use cleaning services to avoid bigger problems because of the possibility of errors that will occur.

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