Even Small Houses Can Have Beautiful Gardens

Minimalist-style gardens usually limit the materials and types of plants used. As the name implies, this garden

is made as simple and minimal as possible so that it gives an elegant and relaxed impression to its residents. Making a minimalist garden is fairly easy. You only need to prepare a few types of greenery with a neat leaf or stem structure. Then to replace the pot, you can make a planting container from exposed brick and cement. You can design hardscape or planting containers according to the size of your garden. Place the main hardscape wide enough in the corner of the garden and the rest around the area. To build a hardscape, choose materials that are easy to maintain such as exposed brick. While the cement is still wet, create a striped texture on the hardscape surface for additional accents. Finally, you can start farming by putting plant seeds and soil and fertilizer in it.

Choose plants with wide leaves and shade so that they can create an ecosystem for the animals and insects around them. It’s incomplete to have a garden without a seat in it. To make it feel more private, it is necessary to make a bulkhead in the form of a fence or tall plant. However, with the minimalist concept that is adopted, you must be able to make a partition that gives a neat and elegant impression. The most practical way is to limit the garden with walls. Whether a solid wall or just a minimalist fence, the choice is yours. With a rather large yard, you can arrange plants according to their respective types. For example, the types of bamboo plants are on the right and left of the garden. Then the tongue-in-law plants are grouped neatly in the left corner of the area. The number of ideas you want to realize can change the minimalist concept you originally wanted. So try to stay focused on the simple concept that was planned and reduce additional accessories or accents that can spoil the concept.

Starting from choosing neutral colors for plant pots, floors, and walls. Make sure your garden looks clean, simple, and pleasing to the eye. Also, choose types of plants that are easy to care for and withstand even extreme weather.

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