Different Tools Can Be Used To Clean Artificial Grass Carpet In Different Ways

There are several tools needed to maintain the beauty of your synthetic grass. Some of the best cleaning tools are a coarse brush, broomstick, vacuum cleaner, and some microfiber cloths. Well, of course, each tool has a different function in cleaning the artificial grass carpet.

Here are some explanations about it:

Cleaning Dirt

Standard care for your lawn care is to clean any litter and brush the grass with a coarse brush. At least, about once a week, you should brush each blade of grass against the “growth” direction.

It’s almost the same as most pages when it comes to trash, let’s say there is rubbish falling in any area, definitely triggering mold growth. So it is very important to immediately clean up any trash, especially if you are installing artificial grass in an outdoor yard.

Eliminating Pests

For those of you who take advantage of synthetic grass outdoors, surely you cannot avoid falling leaves or birds flying above. If this were to happen, regardless of the quality of the synthetic grass being sold, your beautiful garden will surely be damaged.

A vacuum cleaner is the most appropriate tool to solve this problem. Especially if you use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of fallen leaves and dust, especially when trees are often withering.

Fungi and Moss Control

Fungus and Lichen. 2 live plants that can attack your artificial grass at any time. The problem is, if they both grow, guaranteed, the moss and fungus are sure to interfere with not only the appearance of the artificial grass but the feeling of using the grass.

Do you just give up waiting for mold and mildew to grow and then throw away the carefully selected artificial grass? Certainly not. The development of science has resulted in creating a tool to eradicate mildew and fungus. So, the presence of moss and fungi can be controlled properly.

Remove Pet Litter

You those who have pets, especially dogs and cats, it is very important to clean the synthetic grass more often. Kittens and dogs love to play on the grass and this can spoil its beauty. Puppies, for example, will not hesitate to urinate on the grass.

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