Definition and Uses of Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are stickers that use vinyl as a base material and have a white base and a glossy or glossy coating, and this time we will explain what the definition, uses, types and printing processes are that can be done from these types of Custom Stickers.

The various types of stickers on the market can make those of you who want to print stickers confused in determining which option is right and suitable for your needs. One of the most widely used is Vinyl stickers, which are indeed very popular due to various factors when compared to other types of stickers such as HVS, Bondax, Chromo, and Yupo stickers. Therefore, this time we will try to explain in-depth the types of Vinyl stickers so that you can better understand and add insight regarding the advantages and disadvantages, their use in the field, the types, and the printing process.

Vinyl stickers are stickers made of flexible, flexible, and very suitable vinyl for outdoor needs. This type of sticker, usually has a white or transparent surface, the coating looks glossy or glossy, so it will make the printed sticker look more luxurious and elegant. This vinyl sticker itself can be customized at will and without limitations, so that it is able to realize a variety of sticker designs, regardless of the color used, solid or gradation, and as complex as the design.

In conclusion, the characteristics of vinyl stickers are as follows:

Has a glossy surface (glossy), but there is also a result that is a bit matte,
Able to print complex designs,
Capable of displaying a variety of colors ranging from solid colors to gradients.

Of course, with these very flexible characteristics, this vinyl sticker will have several advantages when compared to other types of stickers, although it cannot be denied that there are also weaknesses of this type of sticker.

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