Create a Cool Home! This is Fish Pond Design Inspiration

For fish lovers, having a fish pond at home can be a calming thing. Moreover, having a fish pond can provide a special attraction for residents or guests who come. Before making a fish pond, there are some things that you should know first, such as determining the theme and design of the fish pond that will be made, how large is the area of ??the fish pond, what materials are used for making the pond, how to care for it, to what types of fish. which will be maintained later. However, from all of the above, you will see the details of the swimming pool design because, in the future, it will be seen every day, whether for those of you who live at home or for guests who come.

In addition to placing a fish pond in the front yard or backyard, you can place a fish pond in the house which can also be an idea to add to the beauty of the house. Moreover, a pool that integrates with the design of the house, so that water does not wet the floor around the pool, you have to dredge deeper into the pool that will be created. The choice of a wooden bridge over a fish pond can provide a pleasant sensation for the residents of the house or the guests who come. The existence of this bridge helps to connect the house to the back garden or yard in a more aesthetic style. Having a unique design, a multi-story pond can be one solution, generally, fish ponds come in a rectangular shape or with natural stones and have a waterfall.

The foyer as a separator between the terrace and the living room can be replaced with an additional fish pond. The fish pond located in this area can also add freshness to your home. The rectangular pool on the side of the house can also create a fresh feel. Coupled with the sound of the gurgling water at the end of the pool which makes the pool feel fresher. Of course, those of you who have this pond must adjust what types of fish can be placed here so that the fish does not feel cramped because it is full.

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