Construction Site Safety Must Be Taken Seriously All The Time

Construction work is one of the industrial sectors that has a high risk and contributes to a high level of work accidents. The complexity of implementing a construction project that involves large amounts of workers, work equipment, and materials can be a source of accidents. One of them is work accidents at high altitude. If you worry about this, especially if you don’t want civilians to be involved in such accidents, you can call Heras fencing hire company to put barriers around your construction hirein.

Work accidents at height experienced by workers in the construction sector or structural operations are still a cause for concern because the number of cases is large. According to experts, work accidents at high altitude are the second largest after traffic accidents. Many work accidents at this height in the construction sector occur during building construction or elevated construction work.

There are several dangers of working at a height, namely falls, slips, trips, and falling material from above. Of these hazards, the biggest factor causing serious injury and death in the construction sector falls from heights.

Common causes that often occur include falling from a ladder, falling due to not using fall protection equipment / not using it properly, or falling due to work on scaffolding.

These accidents are usually dominated by temporary workers who have absolutely no experience, ignore the importance of using personal protective equipment, do not comply with safety procedures, and do not care about security.

Construction work requires a special set of equipment to work at heights and it requires inspection and maintenance to keep it functioning optimally. Both ladders, scaffolding, and personal fall protection devices are at the heart of a good construction sector safety program.

Improper use of ladders is a major cause of falling from a height in construction work. So, every worker must understand the safety procedures for using the ladder properly. Staircase safety involves checking, preparing, how to climb/descend a ladder properly, and careful consideration of the consequences of misusing a ladder.

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