Compact Packing Avoid Airplane Baggage Charge

Each airline provides a maximum baggage allowance that you can use on the ticket you have ordered. If you exceed the maximum limit used, then you need to pay an additional fee or charge which will actually increase the budget swelling. To avoid this, follow the packing hack for travel you can use from Google to summarize your luggage so that you avoid baggage charges when checking in.

Before you organize your luggage, it’s a good idea to make a list of the luggage you will need at your destination. By making a list of luggage, it will make it easier for you to choose items that are really needed and not needed or look for other alternatives if they don’t match the size of the bag. This list of luggage will also help you remember whatever items you have brought and then bring them back home. Give a checklist for items that have entered the suitcase to make it easier to organize.

To summarize your luggage, it’s a good idea to use multifunctional items that can replace two or more functions of items into 1 multipurpose item. For example, the use of sneakers that you can use in all situations, so you don’t have to carry a lot of shoes when traveling. You can also use waterproof clothing to replace the function of a raincoat or umbrella so that it is more efficient.

When arranging clothes in a suitcase it’s a good idea to roll them so that it saves more space than folding them in large sizes. Roll clothes such as skirts or pants and shirts in the same roll for easier styling. Place it as tightly as possible in the suitcase so that it can accommodate more items.

Arrange the luggage properly according to the size of the item so that it fits into one suitcase. Put small items such as underwear or make-up utensils and take a shower in the empty space for your clothes. Put large enough items such as shoes, hats or cameras at the very end so that they do not take up space and are also not damaged when placed in the suitcase.

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