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Cleaning Stains On Tile Floor

Often the crust or stains that stick to tiles are difficult to clean. Where did the stain come from? Usually, the crust and stains exist precisely since the new tile was installed. When a tile is installed, the cement or grout used may be scattered on top of the tile. It could also be caused when walling is done, cement is scattered on the tile floor. So that even cleaning rough tiles is difficult to overcome. But you do not have to worry because you could use the best commercial carpet cleaner service to help you clean your tiles.

Like the nature of cement, cement stains are scattered over time to harden so that it covers the glossy coating on tiles. So that it becomes a dull color that is also very risky to cause the tile surface to be susceptible to being scratched. In addition to being a problem because it is not comfortable stepping on, the presence of these scattered cement stains will also certainly disturb the eyesight. Calling a handyman to be more careful is too late right? Now, if the stains are already attached to the tile, then you need to use the following tricks. Problems on tile surfaces that look dull are triggered by dirt such as cement that has hardened and not cleaned. If the remnants of the cement just stick to the floor, then you can clean it easily using just water and a mop. But if the situation has stained hardened cement for a long time, then you can use the help of a broom to rub it clean.

How to clean the remaining cement on the tile floor must be done as soon as possible, do not let the cement dry for years because it will become increasingly difficult to clean. In addition to mops and brooms, the vinegar solution can also be an alternative solution to your problem. Because basically, vinegar has hard acidic properties. So the cement dirt that has crusted and made tile dull can be cleaned using a vinegar solution. The vinegar content can be very effective in dealing with the remnants of cement that is already scrubbed on the ceramic floor.

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