Choosing the Right Color for the Eyebrow Pencil Color

Choosing the color of an Microblading eyebrow pen or commonly known as an eyebrow pencil, it turns out that you can’t just choose as long as you choose. For those of you who always use make-up on your eyebrows, you should know how to choose the right eyebrow color that matches your skin tone. You don’t want the appearance of the eyebrows that you have shaped to frame your face that doesn’t match your skin tone. The result is your makeup will definitely look weird.

The following are tips that you can apply to choose an eyebrow color so that the appearance of your eyebrows looks more natural and matches your skin tone:

If you have naturally black hair color
You must have thought that using black eyebrows would complement your natural-looking eyebrow. In fact, using a dark black color on the eyebrows will look a little fake. We recommend that you choose a dark brown color to fill in the eyebrows. But if you have a black skin tone, you should frame black on your eyebrows and then fill your brows with a dark brown color.

If you have brown hair
Look for an eyebrow pencil color that is closer to brown to oxidize the pigment and make it darker.

If you have blonde hair color
If the color is blonde due to hair coloring, you cannot follow the same color in the eyebrow pencil selection. This will actually make your appearance look weird and extreme. If you are doing a light hair dye, you can choose a dark brown eyebrow color to enhance the look of the color on the face.

If you already know the right color for you, then you can visit our website to get the right eyebrow pen. If you are still confused, you can also ask us right now.

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