Choosing an Eyebrow Pencil According to Hair Color

For a number of women today, eyebrow makeup is often a part of the face that should not be missed. With the presence of eyebrow pencil as a cosmetic, shaping and coloring it is no longer difficult to do. Coupled with the variety of colors offered, it can be an option to create the perfect look. But before applying it to your eyebrows, the important thing to do is determine the color of the eyebrow pencil that suits you. Already know how to choose tattoo brow pen?

In addition to being able to adjust to skin and eye colors, an easy tip for choosing the right one is to adjust it to your hair color. If you are confused about what to choose, here’s how to choose easily:

Reddish-brown hair
For owners of reddish-blonde hair, it is not difficult to choose the right color for makeup eyebrows. Try using an eyebrow pencil with a light gray-brown hue. This color will make your eyebrows look more natural.

Brown Hair
Choosing an eyebrow color for brown hair types comes with two options. If your hair is brown, it’s a good idea to choose an eyebrow pencil with a slightly darker color palette. Meanwhile, if you have dark brown hair, try using a lighter eyebrow tone.

Black hair
For those of you with black hair, it’s a good idea to choose an eyebrow pencil color with a dark brown or gray hue. To make it blend more with the skin, also add a slightly lighter brown to color the tips of the eyebrows.

Blonde or blonde hair
Choosing an eyebrow pencil for those of you who have blonde hair is not difficult. It’s just that, you need to adjust it to the color of your skin and eyes. Choose an eyebrow pencil color that matches your basic hair color. Give it a try and see the stunning results!

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