Below Are The Difference Between Headphones, Headsets, Earphones & Handsfree

The terms headset, headphones, or earphones are certainly familiar. These accessories have become a necessity for listening to the audio on a smartphone or laptop. Especially when you want to hear the sound from electronic devices clearly, headphones that dont leak sound are an option.

But whether we realize it or not, many people are often misunderstood in referring to electronic accessories whose uses are almost the same. Headphones are called headsets, and vice versa. Well, so that you don’t go wrong with just mentioning it, here are the differences between headphones, headsets, earphones, and handsfree that you need to know.

1. Headphones
Headphones are simple hearing aid accessories that can only be used for listening without being able to be used for communication. Usually, the sound quality of headphones is good because they are designed only for audio, so they are perfect for those of you who always listen to music.

2. Headset
Headsets are headphones with an additional microphone so they can be used not only for listening but also for communication. Headsets are ideally used to communicate such as via Skype, call centers, or other video calls.

Headsets and headphones are more often installed on a PC or laptop. Usually, the headset has 2 audio jacks, the first jack for input is the microphone and the second jack for output is the speaker.

3. Earphones
When viewed from its use, earphones are not much different from headphones. However, the earphones have a small shape so they are easy to carry everywhere. Hence, earphones are more often used for mobile devices.

4. Handsfree
This handsfree is earphone is given certain additions such as a microphone and function buttons. Through these function keys, users can increase or decrease the volume and receive or end calls.

This handsfree is usually included in a smartphone dashboard like the one you have. With the development of technology, nowadays there are also many Bluetooth handsfree that can be used without cables which are considered disturbing. But indeed, because earphones and handsfree are almost the same, many people often refer to earphones as handsfree.

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