Avoid These 5 Things So That Hair Color Doesn’t Fade Easily

Beautiful hair color can make a person’s appearance more charming and increase self-confidence. One trend that continues to gain popularity today is Balayage which means ‘to paint’ in French. Ash and ash brown tones on hair are increasingly becoming a popular topic of discussion on social media. Get services like Balayage at the best hair salon Prescott AZ.

In simple terms, Balayage can be interpreted as a hair coloring technique that pays attention to the harmonious aesthetics between the placement of light and dark colors so as to produce maximum hair appearance with beautiful and charming gradations.

Basically, colored hair will fade and turn yellow slowly with frequent shampooing. But there are things that should be considered to avoid the results of the hair color fading quickly or brassy.

Here are 5 things you need to avoid so that your hair doesn’t get brassy fast:
1. Washing using water that is too hot and too often
Washing your hair with too hot and too much water after coloring your hair can accelerate color loss even more. Shampooing with a maximum frequency of once every 2 days is enough to keep the hair and scalp clean, and the color doesn’t go away faster.

2. Using the wrong shampoo
Colored hair definitely needs proper care. If not, then you can be sure the hair color will easily fade and fade. The selection of a special shampoo for Balayage hair care must also be careful.

3. Not observant in choosing a conditioner
Just like the frequency of shampooing, the conditioner is also ideally used with a frequency of once every 2 days.

4. Don’t use a hair masks masker
Taking care of hair completely will certainly make the quality of the hair better so that the hair color does not fade quickly. Using a suitable hair mask is a must.

5. Too much use of mechanical tools that are too hot (vise)
Reduce the use of mechanical tools such as vise. If you need to use it, do not raise the temperature of the vise to more than 160 degrees Celsius. When straightening or drying your hair, use an anti-humidity product to keep your hair from drying out.

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