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I am just someone that loves technology and everything about it but mostly what you will find in this blog is app and games review because those are the things I love the most. So, I want to have a blog to keep all the information about apps and games mostly for myself but you could also enjoy it too. I want to have a blog that will give full information about an application or games so I hope this blog will serve my wish and your wants in getting informed.

Why I love technology is because in general, the notion of technology is the study of skills in creating tools, processing methods, and extraction of objects, to help solve various problems and everyday human work. There is also a mention that the meaning of technology is all the facilities and infrastructure created by humans to provide various items needed for the survival and comfort of human life itself. Etymologically, the word “technology” comes from the Greek, which is “technologia” where the word tech means expertise and logia means knowledge.

Formerly the meaning of technology is only limited to things that have a form, such as a machinery and equipment. But the meaning of technology has expanded and is not only limited to tangible objects but also intangible objects, such as methods, science, software, and others. So that the understanding of technology is a way, process, tool, machine, activity or idea created to facilitate various human activities. The benefits of technology are to facilitate and accelerate various human activities in various fields of life. The most tangible benefit of technology in the field of information and communication is an easy, fast, and inexpensive process. When we used to communicate remotely using letters, landlines, and telegrams, now we can do it quickly through smartphones, chat applications, and email.

I think that modern people just can’t live without technology because now it is part of our life and our culture and without it, we would never be the same. But, other than that, I truly appreciate a great game that I could play without getting bored.

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