Anglers Must Know The Right Time To Go Fishing

Not just rely on luck alone, fishing also requires its own calculations and techniques. One of them is the calculation of the best time to fish in the sea, both on the seafront and in the middle of the ocean. Basically, this time is closely related to the time the fish move and look for prey. When fish are greedy for food, that’s when the chance to get them becomes even greater. However, you still need excellent fishing rods, and you can visit to buy them.

There are several factors that can be used as a handle in determining the most ideal fishing time, including:

Sun and moon

Do you believe, the behavior of the fish also adjusts to the sun and moon conditions. Luckily in this sophisticated era, we can easily monitor the latest state of the sun and moon.

The trick is to use tools and check on websites about astronomy, especially regarding the Solunar calendar. There are at least three aspects that need to be considered in reading the sun and moon conditions, namely:

Major and Minor Periods

The major period is the period when the position of the moon is directly above the head. Usually, this period occurs within 2 hours from the position of the moon directly above the head of the shadow just below the feet. While the minor period is the period when the position of the moon is located at the foot. This period lasts for 1-hour starting when the moon rises or sets.

Sunrise and Sunset

In fact, the activities of the animals will increase during the sunrise and sunset moments, including the behavior of the fish. Quite a number of experts argue that the ideal time for fishing at sunrise and sunset ranges from 45 minutes.

Moon Phase

Another time that is also an opportunity for fish to move with a higher intensity is when the full moon and new moon occur. At these times, the fish’s behavior becomes more greedy in devouring the prey in front of it. So this is the most appropriate opportunity for you to fish in the middle of the ocean.

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