5 Ways To Learn English Listening This Makes You Good At Self-Taught

Learning to listen to English the right way will benefit you greatly. Listening skills can be said to be the basic key to mastering a foreign language. And usually speaking English will also be tested in several tests like the britishlifeskills.com/b1-english-test/.

Then, how do you improve listening skills and streaking fast? Well, you need to know the right way to improve your skills quickly. Here are 5 easy ways to make good listening or English listening.

1. Preparation for learning to listen to English is not only limited to video and material. You need to determine the direction and destination. Can also make Learning Goals for yourself.
Determine the direction and purpose before learning to listen to English

The preparation for learning to listen is usually synonymous with video or audio. There are main things need to be prepared before starting to listen to English video or audio. What is that? Direction and destination. Yes, you need to determine where you are going to study and what goals you want to achieve.

For that, you need to make learning directions and goals. This will lead you to choose materials according to your goals. The goal will make you more motivated. With clear directions (activities and learning schedules), you will know that Learning Goals will be achieved. So, prepare well.

2. Know your abilities. Choose materials according to your abilities so that you become more motivated.
Choose listening learning material in English according to your ability

Choose English listening material according to your ability. How: Listen to the video and understand its meaning. If it’s too difficult, find learning material easier, and vice versa. Listening to videos or audio stories of children in can be a good start for beginners. If you feel that you are ready to level up, you can listen to videos with difficulty higher than before.

3. Focus is the main thing. Be someone who seems to be in a cave when you are learning to listen to English.

Focus on learning to listen to English by keeping your gadget away. If you let yourself be disturbed by unnecessary things, it will certainly run out of time. Never lose focus and turn off all your social media notifications while learning to listen to English.

4. Listen and understand the ideas conveyed. Avoid translating word for word when learning to listen to English.
Understand ideas or content when listening to text in English. When learning to listen to English, you should keep on going. In a sense, keep going even if you don’t catch a word or two. The most important thing is understanding the idea.

This most often becomes an obstacle. Most beginners like to pause and repeat so they know the words spoken. When listening to an audio for the first time, you must focus on capturing the ideas conveyed. Now, if you’ve listened to it many times and understood the meaning of the speaker, you can write and search for the meaning by word.

5. When the time comes, choose to become an Active Listener, not the Passive. This will help you become more good at listening.
After learning to listen to English, exit and become Active Listeners. Are there study materials that can help you become an Active Listener? There is no special material. You just need to go out and find friends to chat with. Yes, interact with people who speak English. This will make you an Active Listener because you listen directly and actively give responses or answers.

Learning to listen to English requires practice. But not merely training. You also have to apply the right methods to reach the goal quickly. Learning consistently by the plans that have been made will greatly help achieve learning goals. One more thing, never delay what has been planned. One delay, without repairs, will destroy your dreams.

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