3 Causes Of Frequently Blaming Yourself Excessively

Blaming yourself for all the mistakes that occur around us is not something healthy. Moreover, if this self-blame habit always arises and always disturbs the mind to cause stress. By knowing the reasons we often blame ourselves, we will be able to overcome these disturbing feelings later. If you feel unable to deal with it yourself, make a prayer request and believe that God is always with his servant advent prayers.

Here it is 5 points for the emergence of feelings of self-blame.
1. Over-indulging in what is being done
People who overwork themselves or in other words work too much in each day, are more likely to blame themselves for any mistakes or chaos that occurs around them.

This arises because of the work load that fills his mind continuously. So, he felt everything around him was something that he had to handle as well as possible.

2. Feeling full responsibility for many things
A sense of responsibility is certainly very much needed. But do not let us have a sense of excessive responsibility. This will trigger the emergence of the urge to blame yourself every time something out of expectation happens.

For example, when at work there are friends who are so busy that they have to work overtime and ignore their family at home, instead you blame yourself for not being able to help or because they are so insensitive as coworkers.

This is one sign that you are overdoing yourself. It is clear that it is the responsibility of your co-workers, not your responsibility.

3. Keep all complaints alone
Mental disorders such as the tendency to always blame ourselves, can also be caused by the lack of our place to complain. Although humans are encouraged not to complain often, but of course there are times when the burden of life feels very heavy if carried alone. This is where we need a place to share. So, don’t keep everything to yourself, okay?

Of the several causes above, there are various kinds of other causes that might also be triggers for the tendency to always blame yourself.

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