2 Desserts With Whipped Cream

You will agree that a cake will not be complete without a cream decoration on it. One type of cream that is usually used in cake decorating is whipped cream, where you can make it using modern tools such as whipped cream chargers. Soft white cream, of course, will add to the appeal and make the cake look more delicious to anyone who looks at it. Whipped cream itself, is made from milk, which will be made by beating at high speed until the cream looks fluffy. Of course, you can do this by using a tool as described above, which will produce a good quality cream.

Besides that as a taste enhancer, you can add sugar as a sweetness enhancer, as well as other ingredients. Of course, cream, can not only be applied to cakes because whipped cream also has other uses that can be given to food and drinks. Here we give some examples of using the cream as a topping for food and drinks. For the first, you will find cream as a topping. In this case, you will probably be able to find it in various restaurants, cafes, or bars in the form of a milkshake or a cup of iced coffee with the addition of whipped cream on top. That way you will be able to feel the soft sensation of the whipped cream combined with the delicious drink you choose.

Second, you will find the use of whipped cream as a topping for pancakes. Thus you will know that pancakes can not only be spread with jam, honey, or chocolate but you can also add whipped cream on top of the pancakes as your breakfast in the morning. Of course, this will make your pancakes even more delicious. Coupled with pieces of fresh fruit, this will certainly make your pancakes look more special.

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