10 Advantages Of Coworking Space Compared To Conventional Offices

Coworking Space is mushrooming nowadays along with the mushrooming of startup business in the world work and space. Coworking Space is proven to be able to increase the value of a startup compared to conventional office space. This is because coworking space can create a conducive environment for a startup’s journey. There are many unexpected benefits to working on Coworking Space, such as improving one’s work ethic than before using Coworking Space. So what exactly are the advantages of Coworking Space compared to conventional offices?

1. Lower Cost
Of course, Coworking Space will be much cheaper than in conventional offices. Even with very low costs, you can already enjoy the various benefits of Coworking Space which I will describe in the next 9 points.

2. Developing Networks Fast
Coworking Space was created so that every startup and freelancer can interact optimally, considering that in Coworking Space you will find a variety of people with different business backgrounds.

3. Filled with people with brilliant abilities
Along with the increasing number of freelancers lately – then if you are a startup activist in the field of architecture and need additional staff, Coworking Space is the best place for you to find the people you need.

4. Creative Environment
Being among creative people with bright ideas unwittingly will also stimulate your cognitive abilities. And this is the goal of a Coworking Space, not only space but also a place to develop themselves.

5. Maintain the Quality of Your Social Life
The disadvantage of conventional office space is that the barriers between residents, so you will easily feel bored and lonely. This is what trying to break down by the concept of Coworking Space. Coworking Space aims to make the social life of its inhabitants go hand in hand with its work life.

6. Get Mentor and Guidance
It is very important when you are pioneering an effort to get guidance from the right person. Yes, not only interaction, but specifically Coworking Space also opens opportunities for you to get a mentor who shares your vision, and of course, this is very beneficial for you.

7. Complete facilities
Most Coworking Space is indeed supported by various complete facilities like an office. Here the difference is you no longer need to pay extra fees, such as the internet or meeting rooms.

8. Developing Good Work Habits
Coworking helps you to maintain a balanced rhythm of work and your life. Besides being able to increase productivity, as well as transmit creative and innovative ideas.

9. Flexible
Coworking promotes a culture of flexibility, openness and innovation. You can set your own work time. This allows you to work whenever you want. Workspace support functions offer an adaptable set of tools and resources for the growth of your business.

10. Coworking Space Continues to Grow
This is the nature of a Coworking Space. Coworking Space providers are required to keep up with the changing times, adapt and improve services according to community needs. Even in the last few years since Coworking Space’s increasing popularity, major innovations and improvements have been made, both in terms of quality and other supporting programs, such as incubation for new startups.

The wonderful thing about coworking is that it can be designed for many styles or fields of work, whether part-time or full time, open or private, it can all happen in Coworking Space. If you haven’t felt the sensation of working, sharing and collaborating on Coworking Space, it’s time to visit your local space and try it out!

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