You Can Do These 5 Tricks To Clean Your Windows

Take a look, how long has your house window not been cleaned? Busyness may make us not have time to clean the window. Unwittingly, cobwebs and thick dust already resided there. Cleaning the window can be a challenging job. Therefore you must learn some tricks to do it effectively, or you can also hire a trusted Window Cleaning company.

The following 5 tricks will help you clean the windows of the house and make it clear like without glass:

1. Clean the dust first

To start cleaning the windows, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dust, dirt, and cobwebs attached to the glass or sill. If there is no vacuum cleaner, you can use a small broom. However, if you use a broom to clean the window, you should use a mask because dust must be flying. Clean thoroughly until there is no dust and dirt left.

2. Clean the high part with a telescopic microfiber feather duster

To clean an unreachable section of a window, use a telescopic duster made from microfiber that has been sprayed with water.

3. Clean the glass with dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid turns out to be also tablets, used to clean glass. Prepare a small bucket of hot water then add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Put it in the atomizer and spray it on the window. This soap is effective for removing dirt from the window. Use a glass cleaner to clean the window glass.

4. Know the scratches on the glass this way

Cleaning the window using a glass cleaning rubber might leave some scratches on the glass if we are not careful. To find out if the scratches are on the inner or outer glass, clean the outer glass horizontally and clean the inner glass vertically. In this way, you can find out if the horizontal stroke means outside and if vertical means inside.

5. You can use the newspaper

We often hear tips on cleaning window panes using newspapers. Yes, newspapers can indeed be used as a final step to clean the glass after cleaning it with glass-cleaning rubber. But it should be avoided if the window frame is white because it will leave a black stain emanating from newspaper ink. Instead, use a microfiber cloth.

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