This Is The Role Of Bows And Arrows Throughout The History

Arrows are symbols of strength and power. This gives a certain status and luck in his environment. In Greek legend, the Amazon demonstrates the ability of women to use bows as weapons and symbols of victory in the country, bows decorated with colorful designs symbolizing “Diana” as a hunter for greed, and love. Bows are also known as primitive tribal weapons in the eastern world. These weapons are like a pendulum, and javelin is considered an old-fashioned weapon. It’s still far away from the absolute survivalist best crossbows that we can use today, but without those ancient bows and arrows, we cannot enjoy the sophisticated crossbows that we can use in this modern era.

According to the Scriptures, the people of Israel and Egypt were known as good archers. That can be proven by various battles that can change history. The bow was developed to be used as a cavalry. In England, most people wear longbows. Whereas in France, people use a crossbow (crass bow). Wars in Hasting, Crec, Angincourt, and Roses wars, bows play an important role here. The Greeks and Turks made bows from a mixture of wood, bones and leather wraps.

Based on historical facts that betting archery is an interesting part to note until 1959, modern archers have managed to break records with ancient bows. The Turks have the advantage in throwing their arrows as far as 800 yards with the reflection of a bow that forms a “C” when not stretched. After gunpowder was found, the value of the bow as a weapon dropped sharply, but the arrows were still used at certain times such as war.

Over the past 25 years, many people have become interested again in bows, after Pope succeeded in aiming at 17 African lions using longbows. Even today, hunters try to aim at animals with arrows, especially in communities that still survive in the deep forest.

It’s because the development of bows and arrows is growing in popularity, many countries have enacted special laws regarding these weapons, as well as rules for their use.

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