There Are A Lot Of Elements In Theatrical Drama

Due to Theatrical Drama is a work of art that involves many people in its performance, theater consists of many elements and some elements have their own constituent elements. For example, one of the constituent elements is the cast, the cast has various forming elements as well: motion and appreciation. Additionally, if you want to hold a play for young audiences, we suggest you check out the list of children’s plays.

The following will explain some elements of Theater Arts that are important to know:

Internal Elements of Theater Arts

Internal elements Theater art is an element that forms a performance from within a show itself. In the sense that these elements are present in direct relation to what is seen by the audience in front of the screen. The internal elements consist of:

Script / play

Manuscripts are a series of events or stories that are delivered in a performance. Manuscripts or plays are formed by several elements, such as plot, theme, character, character, setting, and point of view.

Actor / Player

Actors are actors or players who act or act as if they are someone who is not themselves to be able to dialogue to play a script of a performance.


The director is the coordinator of a performance. Its main task is to direct all other internal elements to the show.


A stage is a place where the performance will be held. This element acts as a support for the development of the atmosphere and other elements of a performance.

External Elements of Theater Arts

External elements of theater art are the elements or forming elements relating to the various needs of Theater Arts behind the scenes.

Production Staff

It is a team or individual who prepares personnel or performance officers and other matters relating to the need for the realization of a performance.

Stage Manager

It is someone who is responsible for keeping everything related to the stage going well.


Designers are responsible for supporting aspects of visual aesthetics regarding the needs of a performance.


Usually, the director is still included in this element. Why? It’s because the director works across both the Theater Elements division.

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