The Fiber Of Rugs

Some of people use carpets or rugs as their floors. They don’t like the texture of regular tiles therefore they prefer rugs to tiles. In this article you can get information about northern beaches carpet cleaning because we think about our clients as our number one priority. Rugs are made from fibers there are two of common fibers that people use for making them.

If you don’t know about those types of fibers then you must read about them in this article. You must know there are natural fiber and synthetic fiber and both of them are not the same. Our main job is cleaning our client’s dirty rugs and they may have different kind of rugs. Thus, we have been training our workers to understand the difference between some of fibers so they can clean them properly. Natural fiber rugs are mostly made from wool, silk or cotton and they are naturally handmade by human.
There are so many good quality natural fiber rugs and if you go to some of places in some of countries in Asia then you can buy some of them. Rugs which are made from natural fibers are mostly expensive. If you want to clean them properly then you may need special tools. You have to be gentle because most of natural fibers are very soft.
They can’t be washed in high speed machine so you need to use manual tools. The rug that is made from synthetic fiber is commonly made in few of big factories. They are not handmade therefore they have solid textures. They are more effective for you if you don’t want to buy expensive rugs. Most of those synthetic fiber rugs are made from plastic fibers so you can clean them easily. They are not so soft therefore you can wash them in a high speed rug’s cleaning machine.

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