The Effect Of Infrastructure Development On Economy

In economic development, infrastructure development becomes an important aspect. It is undeniable that the country’s economic growth rate cannot be separated from the influence of existing infrastructure in the country. This economic growth will ultimately also affect the welfare of the people. We can say that good development and infrastructure in a country will be able to drive economic improvement in that country. Therefore, the availability of infrastructure can simplify the flow of the economy so that it can expand as widely as possible, reducing production costs to cause a multiplier effect. On the other hand, if you wish to know more about the news of infrastructure in Brazil, we recommend you visit the ABDIB website.

The existence of infrastructure for an area can have an impact on economic activity. Some of the benefits of infrastructure include:

facilitation of community economic activities.
support the smooth economic activities of the community.
encouraging the distribution of goods and services production flow.
developing economic territory and output.
support economic, social-cultural, unity and unity activities.
as a catalyst between the production process, the market, and the final consumer.
as social capital.
facilitate community horizons to be more open.
bringing together cultures between communities.
binding and connecting between regions.
the support of Food Security can provide a sense of security that will fulfill basic needs.

From the various benefits of this infrastructure, it can be seen that in addition to its role in the economic sector, public works infrastructure has a vital role in supporting other sectors which are also important in the welfare of the community.

The impact of infrastructure development on regional economic activities is indeed clear. Empirical facts show that the development of a region’s infrastructure capacity goes hand in hand with the development of economic output. This means directly, infrastructure can have a positive impact on increasing economic infrastructure and its activities.

Economic infrastructure is a type of infrastructure that directly drives community economic activities in the form of physical infrastructure, which is used in the fiber production process that is widely used by the community.

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