The Difference between Non-Coating and Coating Mug

At present, mugs that previously only functioned for drinking can actually be used as souvenirs for various events. With the development of the era and technology, more and more types of mugs. However, the most commonly known and common are non-coating mugs and also coating mugs. Actually what is the difference between these two types of mugs and how to distinguish them so that you are not mistaken when you are buying it on

If interpreted in terms of language, a non-coating mug is a mug that does not have a coating while a coating mug is a mug with a coating. But what layers are meant because ordinary people who might only know the mug in terms of design alone will never understand the difference in details of this mug? Only those who are truly experts are able to know the difference between these two types of mugs. It is very important for you because you are a consumer who is a potential mug buyer so if you buy the wrong one and have ordered a lot, then it will not be able to exchange again. Mug coating is actually a plain mug with the usual shape and design.

The point is this mug is plain but on the outside of this mug it has been coated with a liquid coating which has the function of being a medium to glue the mug design image when the designer transfers it to the mug media. The point is the printouts of images starting in terms of quality attached to the mug is greatly influenced by the coating made in the mug. While for non-coatings are ordinary mugs whose designs are also ordinary such as screen printing or engraving or drawing markers without any coating liquid. You also can certainly immediately know which one is a coating mug and which is very common to see.

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