How To Determine A Good Script

There are differences of opinion regarding the factor of play performances that are said to be good or bad. For example in the selection of scripts or plays. Some artists say that 70% of performances are based on the selection of scripts, but some say good or bad performances are independent of the play being performed but how the director’s anxiety can be poured or communicated perfectly to the audience (message recipient). Determine the theme of the play that is relevant to the needs. For elementary school children, the script will be different from the elderly like in the Short Shorts for Seniors.

A sharp conflict is marked by a surprising plot and firm dialogue in the script and the character of the perpetrator must contain contradictions that support the sharpness of conflict. Language is easily understood and communicative. Has the possibility of staging. After determining the script continued with the interpretation of the script followed by training to read the script. At this stage, the director must thoroughly explore the contents and message of the drama script. Understanding is done with the entire intended drama text. This is to reveal the character’s background and plot background. In a play staging the main problem found by the director with the stage, the crew is how the literary verbal medium can be translated and even strengthened by the power of expressing audio-visual, kinetic, and verbal media in conveying the values of the experience in a visual form.

Good scripture, it can be said that the text is rich in ideas, both from the philosophical, social, cultural, poetic, and original point of view rather than imitations. From the ideas offered by the scriptwriter, there is an interpretation journey, there is a creative journey that must be taken to realize (visualize) the texts in the script (play). A director must also be able to see the resources that exist in the staging process, resources can be in the form of funding, the quality, and quantity of players and the conditions of time and place. So the director feels able to do with all the risks of the process from the beginning to the performance. Required carefulness in seeing various aspects to become a director with a good claim.

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