How To Clean Wet Carpet

If your house suffers from flooding it is important to call the area rug cleaning cost service immediately to avoid mould, mildew and danger caused by wet carpet. The mould is very damaging to the carpet because it damages the carpet fibres and is very difficult to clean. If your carpet has been wet for more than a few days, for example, due to flooding, or if a wet carpet is wider than 2 square meters, you should seek professional carpet cleaning assistance. Fix things that cause mould (such as a leaky pipe or broken window) before you clean any stains. Because if the cause has not been resolved, the problem will still reappear.

Wear protective clothing, protective goggles, and face masks. The process of cleaning the fungus will spread its spores into the air, and your health can be disrupted if you breathe it. Pay attention to your room’s air vents. Make sure the door to the room is closed so that mould spores do not spread to other parts of the house. But keep the window open to maintain air circulation. If the carpet in the room can be removed, take the carpet outside the house and dry in the sun for about 48 hours. If the room carpet can not be removed, turn on the lights, lift the carpet from the floor about more than 50 cm in the area affected by the fungus. Remove the wet padding, then dry the carpet with a fan, air humidity controller (de-humidifier), or a vacuum cleaner.

Clean also the part where the carpet is placed. Then clean with a vacuum cleaner or steam engine cleaning all parts of the carpet. After that, spray antifungal products on the carpet. Follow the instructions on the label. Make sure the antifungal material has absorbed into the carpet fibres and that you have sprayed the antifungal material on both sides of the carpet. Brush both sides of the carpet and allow it to dry. Most anti-fungal care products do not need to be rinsed. Apply the antifungal liquid to the floor where the carpet is placed and allow it to dry. Spray the antifungal material again on all parts of the carpet and allow it to dry again.

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