Can Carpet Reduce Air Quality Health?

A carpet or rug is an interior that can add a warm and comfortable impression in the house. But carpet cleanliness needs to be maintained so that the air quality of your home remains healthy carpet washer. Visit Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches to get the best carpet cleaning service in your area.

Carpet or rug is a part that can not be separated from accessories in the house. Besides functioning as a floor covering to be more warm and comfortable, the carpet is also useful as an interior element that can provide its own color to the room.

But did you know, carpet can be one of the dirtiest places in your home? Its surface can store dust, mold, and bacteria that can affect air quality in space and eventually become a source of disease. Imagine if you have pets that also play around on the carpet.

So what’s the solution? Here are the tips.
1. Carpet Placement.
Put the carpet in parts that are rarely traversed by people, such as the living room or workspace.

2. Wash feet first.
When returning home, clean the feet first and dry before stepping on the carpet so as to reduce dust and germs attached.

3. Use the Doormat.
Foot mat serves as a “filter” of dust on the feet. Simply put the mat on the part that many people pass for example the main entrance, bathroom and kitchen door.

4. Don’t Clean Yourself on the Carpet.
Without realizing it, many people who like to clean body dirt, for example on the hands or feet, by rubbing it on the carpet. Reduce this habit because the carpet is not filtering dirt such as doormats.

5. Use a Vacuum Cleaner.
As a treatment, clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner every evening after home activities begin to decrease.

6. Wash regularly.
Use within a certain period will make dust and germs accumulate more on the carpet. So you need to wash your carpet regularly. Recommended at least twice a year. After washing, dry it in the sun to keep it from getting moist.

7. Change to a New Carpet.
There are times when you have to throw away your old carpet and replace it with a new one. Usually, the carpet can be used for up to 10 years if cared for properly, but anyway, the color will still fade and comfort will be reduced.

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