Air Pollution Makes Exterior Wall Of Houses Become Dirty

On many occasions, I saw for myself, how the effects of motor vehicle fumes can make the color of the outer walls of the house become dirty quickly, fade, and change color. And observations like that I do not in one location but in many places. I have experience when I went to a house that had just been renovated, maybe about two years ago, but when I came back to the house, now the front paint of the house began to turn black. Meanwhile, the top of the building has begun to get dirty too, but not as bad as the bottom. If this happens to your house too, I recommend you to hire the best power washing in Pearland.

The house is indeed located on the edge of a major road, even though it is actually only a sub-district road, between provinces that are not too crowded with vehicles passing there. It’s just that the house does not have a fence on the front of the house.

Because of that vehicle pollution coming from the road, will directly face the outside wall of the house. Even though the front wall of the house has been given a stone ornament, it turns out that the ornament still cannot maintain the color of the house, but now the color of the stone ornament of the house, has become ugly and turns dull.

However, in my opinion, there are several other people who are quite successful in dealing with air pollution problems, namely by coating the walls of their homes using wall tiles. At first, I judged that people lining the outside walls of their homes used ceramics, looking tacky or tacky. Mainly because of the color and ceramic motifs, which are indeed not compatible and seem to collide with each other.

It’s just that I have to admit that their choice is quite good, because dirt from vehicle fumes and road dust sticking to the wall, it becomes easy to clean. And after cleaning the wall becomes clean again as before.

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