About Me

Hey My name is Atadman Mcgarrigle and I am the founder, owner and editor at St Paul’s Cathedral Dundee. We focus on the latest technology news and we bring new news every day.
For us, technology has far-reaching effects on daily life and if we leave only one news behind, we might look like an ancient person and not be up to date.
Our vision and mission is to be a provider of information about technology to the public from various circles.
We believe that technology does not belong to geeks and nerds, and this trust is reflected in our motto: Technology for all.

There may be many news portals or blogs that discuss technology, but we have characteristics that you might realize.
In addition to using language that is more easily understood by all ages, we also provide lots of images and visuals on each article so that readers don’t get bored when looking at our article pages.
We also provide news about tips and tricks that can be practiced at home. Do not worry, we present all of these with interesting examples so that you are not confused when trying it.
We have a comment column on each article because for us feedback from readers is very important so we can continue to grow and be able to follow the wishes of every reader.
We will examine the suggestions from readers and we will implement them if they bring added value to our website.
For technology observers who want to provide their writings, we also provide facilities.
Do not hesitate to write your articles because every good article we will compensate.
We are very open to any reader writing that provides additional information and is definitely interesting to discuss.

If you are bored with our small talk on this page, you should immediately open the pages of articles about technology that we have provided. Don’t be afraidang through activities.